Friday, July 1, 2011

Strumming Along

Edits on FAIRY THIEF are going well-I was a 1/4 way through the manuscript when husband Leo gave me a better idea on how to find portals. Now I'm back at the beginning checking for holes in continuity-but still enjoying myself to the max :D Today's marketing work was to set up a Twitter account, which Leo did for me, and now I've been prodding Twitter with a stick so see if I can get it to respond. Right now, it's VERY confusing to me. I hope I read this post next month and laugh at my silliness (like with Facebook!) I hope you'll come follow me on Twitter :o)


  1. Good luck for your editing,book. Enjoy in the twitter world.

  2. Hey Johanna! I just read your Kindle Author Interview and I've added you as friend on facebook too. I'd like to add twitter too but I don't think you mentioned your twitter name (unless I'm just being blind as a bat!)
    I felt compelled to buy your book because not only does it sound amazing but I feel like we have much in common... Your writing style in the interview being one thing and another is the fact that I have a cat called Hermione and a dog called Luna!!
    Anyway, basically I just wanted to say hi... and leave a comment on your gorgeous blog (beautiful image!)
    Best wishes