Saturday, September 10, 2011

Meet my wonderful friend Suzy Turner. We are lucky to have her stop by on her book tour!!

Hi everyone, my name is Suzy Turner. :D

I don't remember being hugely into the whole fairy thing when I was a little girl. Yes I loved dolls and had my fair share of Barbies and Cindies... I also had a Michael Jackson doll complete with one gloved hand (he was Barbie's boyfriend)! Care Bears, My Little Pony, She-Ra... they were some of my other toys. But fairies? Nah.

Now though, should I be magically transformed into a wee lass, I would be surrounded by them. I love them. Every time I see them in toy shops, I have to stop and pick them up, have a little play before I move on begrudgingly. They're always so irresistibly cute, aren't they?

If I was a single girl living alone, I'd probably have a house full of fairy ornaments (and witches... I do love witches too). My husband, however, is a minimalist and he has to put his foot down somewhere, so I have to be content with a tiny thumb-sized silver fairy that I bought in London a few years back. She sits in our bedroom watching over me as I sleep.

Some famous fairies include Tinkerbell, Titania, the Sugar Plum Fairy, Oberon and the Cottingley Fairies... but they are starting to appear more and more in today's popular culture. Johanna's Fairy Circle, for example, made me look at fairies in a whole new light, as did Aprilynne Pike's Wings. There are clearly so many different varieties of this mysterious creature, also known as faeries, fay, fae and so on. A recent example of fae would be in a TV show I've become quite fascinated by called The Lost Girl (so not for children, though). Although the main character is a Succubus called Bo, there are plenty of fae characters too.

December Moon introduces a couple of fairies. Tiffanimelicomelea (she goes by Tiffani for short!) looks like your stereotypical fairy with extraordinary good looks, blonde hair, exquisite eyes and skin as well as two pretty translucent wings jutting out from her shoulder blades. And the other is actually half wizard, half fairy who goes by the name of Kyran. He basically looks like a tiny, miniature man but with a rather bizarre accent. Both have relatively small roles in this book but watch out of them in the final instalment in The Raven Saga in March 2012.

If you're intrigued enough to want to know more, then check out December Moon, Part II of The Raven Saga.

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  1. This has got to me one of the highlight's of my book tour... being on one of my best author pal's websites! Johanna, thank you for having me on your fabulous site. It's truly wonderful to be here... just a shame I can't be there with you in person!
    Big hug

  2. One day we'll get together, My Suzy!!! I hope your book tour is a wonderful journey. have fun and best of luck. :D xoxo