Sunday, July 8, 2012

Ghost Hunting Update.

Hey Lovely Pink, thank you for asking about the ghost hunt at Scratchy Lady Bridge My official sounding name for Emily’s covered bridge in Stowe, VT.) I answered this question for you on FB just five minutes ago but the FB poltergeists froze Facebook juuuuuust when I was finishing up the second paragraph and I lost it all. !!@$##@&*!
We went hunting on June 17, 2012, an absolutely gorgeous summery day that Dawn Gray and I won’t soon forget. Dawn has already posted her pictures, with notes, and she has also posted the Youtube video which others have remarked on: flashes that are speedy bugs passing by, and incredibly fast flashes that aren’t bugs.
I was taking pictures with Dawn’s camera and with my cell phone. While using Dawn’s camera it *sparked* twice. I asked her if that was normal and she said, ‘hell, no.’ The first time I heard it and saw brightness, the second time I saw sparks with my left eye.
When I was taking pictures with my cell phone it stopped working after about 50 pictures and there was a message on the screen: Insert SD Card. The phone was very new at the time. I hadn’t had any trouble with it whatsoever and since I didn’t know its mechanics very well, I assumed I had hit my picture taking limit. I wanted to delete some photos and take more, but it wouldn’t let me off the advisory screen. I called Verizon a few days later and they said I didn’t need to insert an SD card – the phone already came with one and since I took any pictures at all, the card was indeed in the camera. They had me take the phone apart, find the SD card, pop it out and put it back in. VOILA! The camera works and I’ve taken several pictures since then. THAT was weird!
Dawn got pinched, but not hard enough for us to document it, damn it. And the batteries ran out far too soon on my cell, and on Dawn’s voice recorder.
I haven’t posted my stills yet, Dawn is shaking her head at me. I haven’t found anything on my stills but more beautiful bridge, lush foliage, and twinkling stream. And that’s my report. ;o) xo

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