Monday, June 13, 2011

Aliens and Child Rearing

One day, as  a blossoming author, I hope to be asked, "Where do you get your ideas from?"  I have lots to say on this subject.  I know, "oh joy," right?  When I need a kick-start I watch some episodes of NOVA.  Most of my ideas are scientifically based or based on science theory.  Currently, I'm watching ANCIENT ALIENS.  These shows get me thinking about how to better my fairies, how to make them unique and more interesting, and how to build the story of their origins.  For me, these shows are more beneficial from a philosophical standpoint than a cut-and-dry scientific one.    Where do fairies come from?  Are aliens and fairies related?  What about vampires and vampire bats?  Does eating meat make us all murderers?  Is that child possessed or was he created?  Maybe you too have questions that science shows can shed light on.  Then turn it all into a fantasy book.  What's your question? 

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