Thursday, June 9, 2011

Help From My Fellow Writer For My Fellow Writers
I met my new friend, Samantha Towle, on Amazon.  When you publish your book on Amazon you habitually check your page for any encouraging changes.  One feature on your page is "a certain % of people bought your book after looking at your page but this % bought this other book instead..."  I noticed that the other % were buying THE BRINGER, by Samantha Towle.  I thought, well, well(!) I need to make this woman my friend!  I thrive on competition, certainly don't get much done without it, and have come to really admire this woman who cuts into my percentage. ;o)  (I bought THE BRINGER; it's stunning and I love it!)  She has helped me further by suggesting websites who may choose to feature my book(s).  Fingers crossed.  I'd like to pass the websites onto you, in hopes that they will bring you luck, too. :o)
Over 1 million free books available for the Kindle plus free new Kindle books by well known authors.


  1. Aah, the fabulous Samantha Towle. I recently read The Bringer - it's ace. I'm gonna check out those sites too. Race ya ...

  2. One million free books, that is plain ridiculous!!!
    Sam is great, isn't she? Fair play. It's just all round good at the moment at Night, well that's my take on the matter.
    Reggie :-)