Friday, March 30, 2012

Meet Sci-Fi Maverick, Jeanice Deering

Hello dear Johanna!
Hi Jeanice, big hugs! Thank you so much for letting me pry into your sciencey mind today.

1. So, Jeanice, I must know, have you ever seen a UFO?
UFO's... I love that! I'm sure we saw one last summer. We were night fishing on a pond, floating in a boat, in Mason Valley. A light like an airplane was going from south to north, slower than unusual, and as I watched it quickly made a 90 dergee turn to the west and disappeared. Strange. My deceased father-in-law told me once when he was at Sutro Mine in the evening, (just south of Virginia City) he was followed by a UFO as he walked to his car. He ran when he got scared. He said the UFO disappeared after it followed his car for a couple of miles.

2. When did you start writing and doing your other art?
I have been an artist as long as I can remember. I can remember some things from infancy... maybe I was an artist even before that.

3. What inspired you to do it?
I like to promote beauty in everything I see. I can see it everywhere. I want people to know how exciting the Universe is. It's full of wonder and possibilities. Dr. Carl Sagan talked about Atomist Philosophy in his book, The Pale Blue Dot, and how all the universe is made of the same atoms as we are - awesome!

4. Any new projects coming up?
New projects: I am currently writing The Borgan, a prequel to 3470C.E. also, I have been drawing illustrations of 3470C.E. as a reference to what I see in my head.

5. Are you an independent artist, or are you represented by an agency?
I'm indie at this time. I have published some magazine articles- long time ago.

6. What are your habits when you sit down to create? Do you have to be in a certain room? Outside?
My habits: I have to be alone, in a quiet place. I write in a notebook by hand, work on it, and then when I get things close to the way I want them, I type them into Word.

7. Any favorite bands? Do you use music to inspire you as you create your art?
Favorite bands: Yes!! I love Type-O-Negative and truly miss Peter's voice. He passed 4 April 2010. NIN has super inspired me, Leaving Hope and Corona Radiata, I have mentioned in my credits. I will list a few others, but all of them would fill too many pages: Tool, Smashing Pumpkins, Filter, Opeth, Chevelle, Roxy Music,The Cure, The Cult, America, The Moody Blues, Peter Murphy - love, love, love! Yoko Kano did the music for "Ghost in the Shell," my fav anime.

8. What has been the hardest thing during the process of creating your art?
The hardest thing is getting alone time and not hurting people's feelings by telling them that interruptions can completely disturb my mind-set, which can take days to regain.

9. Will you ever stop creating art? Have you ever had a moment when you felt like quiting and why?
If I stopped creating, it would be because I have passed on to the next journey...but I think even then I would be creative.

10. Any websites you would like to share? Your own? or one that has helped you as an artist?
I am a member of Author Nation, a wonderful group of people. I recently lost my big boy (doggy) and haven't had the heart to write the poetry I post there lately, but I will again.

11. If you could go back in time and meet one person who would it be and why?
If I could go back in time, I would like to meet Black Elk (Hehaka Sapa.) He was a wonderful medicine man and I have dreamed of him. I so wish I could have helped him... Wounded Knee masacre tears a hole in my soul. Black Elk said that it isn't natural to live in a square box. He said all things in nature are round and that he had even heard that our Mother Earth, when seen from above, is round. He also told of Star People. That fascinates me.

12. What animals do you have?
My animals: We have two female American bulldogs who are sworn enemies and must be kept apart to avoid a deathmatch. We also have a flock of laying chickens and some turkeys- gobble gobble.

13. Favorite holiday...Halloween or Christmas?

14. Favorite word?
Flower, the very word brings up lovely images. As long as there are flowers, there is life.<

15. Do you sell your work in any stores? If so, where?
3470 C.E. is available locally in Reno at Sundance Books and Music, 121 California Ave. and at The Nevada Store, 3368 Lakeside Court. Also, online at Buy Books on the Web, which is my publisher's site, and on Amazon.
16. Is your art organic or do you plan it out before you create it?
I dwell in the collective memory that Dr. Carl Jung talks about and I gather from it; otherwise, books and interweb.

All the best xoxo,


  1. Great interview Jeanice! Wonderful job Johanna Frappier :)

    1. Thanks James; that Jeanice fascinates me no end!!

  2. Hi Jeanice,
    So glad that we are good friends! when will you be coming to Georgia, for your Book signing? let me know, Because I will be wanting your Autograph!
    Much Love,
    Elaine Burchfield♥