Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Today, Let's Discuss Blogbogging

Blogbogging is when, regardless of your best intentions, the blog machine doesn't respond to your every whim and desire, i.e. "enter," "log on," and the outrageously difficult "move gadget etc."  Thank you, gorgeous writer friend Shalini, at http://someonewotwrites.blogspot.com/ for helping me with said complaint(s).  I'd rather read your vampire series, Shalini, than try to figure this blog anymore.  If you out there are a fiction writer AND someone who enjoys sitting on the computer figuring software and applications-I think you're a fascinating enigma.  I have noooo patience for computer jargon and must wait impatiently for my tech guy (husband) to come home from his job and do mine!  ;o)


  1. You're most welcome! I've never heard of the term 'Blogbogging', but I've definitely been a victim of it and I don't like it.

    Just say 'NO' to blogbogging!

  2. I made up blogbogging-love all those ggg's. I also made up the term "squanky." Squanky is how public ladies' toilets smell when some ladies don't address themselves. Gross? Yes. Annoying phenomenom? Completely horrendous. It's like they always say, I had to give the monster a name in order to lessen my fear of it. :(